A thought-provoking discussion focusing on the mission of the Hope Mental Health Foundation, which aims to bridge the gap in therapy costs, address mental health issues in society, and provide mental health support to those who cannot afford it.

The conversation begins with a chat about the impact of COVID-19 on mental health and the challenges faced by individuals seeking therapy. Jennifer Hilderbrand, CEO, shares her personal journey of overcoming trauma through therapy, highlighting how it saved her life and inspired her to become a part of the foundation, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and open conversations about mental health.

The foundation’s unique origin story is discussed, emphasizing that it was founded by therapists who recognized the gap in affordable mental health services. Jennifer joined the board and worked on fundraising efforts to help the foundation fulfill its mission.

Show host Julia Patrick, and Jennifer, touch on the emotional connection donors have with the cause, as many are motivated by personal experiences or witnessing the struggles of loved ones, and they discuss the financial barriers to therapy and the foundation’s role in sponsoring therapy sessions for those in need.

Jennifer expresses her dream for the future, hoping that every person who seeks help will receive it. She describes the foundation’s five-year goals, which include establishing stability, expanding sponsorships, and helping individuals heal and thrive.