The importance of parental leave coverage for nonprofit staff and talent, with a focus on how this can impact employee burnout and turnover, with the founder of She highlights the importance of creating policies that serve both employees and the charity and nonprofit organizations, fostering a healthier and more inclusive work environment for everyone.

Lacey Kempinski highlights the challenges faced by working parents in the nonprofit sector and the need for better support during the critical phase of parental leave and begins with a telling statement, “When we talk about working parents and working moms specifically, we can’t ignore the fact that there are millions of women in the nonprofit sector who are working moms. Unsupported parental leave is a factor in the turnover problem.”

The conversation also digs into the broader issue of how organizations can support working parents and create a more inclusive and flexible work environment. Lacey emphasizes the importance of autonomy, reduced working hours, and comprehensive benefits for all the nonprofit’s employees, not just parents.

The cohosts raise thought-provoking questions about how organizations can navigate the challenges of implementing parental leave policies and how to ensure that these policies benefit all team members, regardless of their parental status.