From interim nonprofit CEO’s transition strategies, charity volunteer non-disclosure agreements, nonprofit CEO review process, to nonprofit leadership and governance, host Julia Patrick and guest host Tony Beall, tackle this week’s questions from nonprofits:

Interim CEO or Board Member: A board in Palo Alto is facing a CEO retirement without a replacement. They’re debating whether to hire an interim CEO or have a board member step in. Tony advises going for an interim CEO if the budget allows. He suggests a minimum of six months for the interim role and emphasizes clear expectations to avoid too many changes during this transition period.

Volunteer NDAs: Charlie from San Antonio, TX, running a Human Services shelter, wonders if requiring volunteers to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) might discourage them. Tony suggests integrating NDAs into the volunteer application process for convenience. He highlights that NDAs can be vital to protect the organization’s interests.

Donor Perspective on Other Nonprofits: An anonymous submission from Chicago describes a major donor asking about donating to another nonprofit. Tony encourages embracing the trust implied by the donor’s question. He advises encouraging the donor to seek similar qualities in the other nonprofit while expanding their philanthropic footprint.

CEO’s Annual Review: An anonymous question from Columbus, OH, addresses who should conduct the CEO’s annual review and how to do it. Tony recommends that the board chair lead the process and suggests forming a smaller committee for efficiency. He emphasizes the importance of a CEO self-appraisal and a committee review to ensure a thorough evaluation.