New research in understanding nonprofit donor’s, helping guide nonprofits towards better communications with donors, with Jane Pfeiffer, founder of FieldTrip.

Jane’s research reveals three distinct nonprofit supporter segments: empathetic, skeptical, and disconnected, which are not solely defined by demographics but by their beliefs, motivations, and views on nonprofit missions. Each segment requires tailored storytelling approaches to effectively engage and maintain support.

Moreover, Jane points to the importance of understanding donor attitudes beyond transactional perspectives, encouraging nonprofits to rethink how they approach fundraising, marketing, and storytelling. She offers actionable advice on identifying and engaging with different supporter segments within donor databases and events.

This new research underscores the transformative potential of understanding donor attitudes and behaviors, challenging nonprofits to adopt a more nuanced and empathetic approach in their interactions with supporters.

Host Julia Patrick acknowledges the need for a paradigm shift in nonprofit marketing and communication strategies. Jane encourages organizations to explore Field Trip’s research findings and consider integrating them into their decision-making processes to foster more meaningful connections with supporters.