12-year-old Arjun Sharda, founder, and executive director of Tleem.org, shares his remarkable nonprofit journey towards empowering individuals through education and technology. We hear how he formed Tleem.org at such a young age. With its mission to foster creativity and entrepreneurship among youth, Arjun’s insights demonstrate the power of purpose and persistence. He’s a “Student by day and Executive Director at night”!

Arjun Sharda reflects on his youthful passionate journey by pointing to the significance of empowering individuals to pursue their passions and unlock their potential from an early age, citing the lack of resources in elementary and middle schools as a driving force behind his nonprofit’s mission.

Arjun explains, “It’s especially important in this generation that we help people who have creativity, who have passion and help empower them to make businesses and to do stuff at an early age because we are called creative people when we are young.” This encapsulates his motivation to bridge the gap between youthful enthusiasm and practical skill development, laying the foundation for future innovation.

Show Host, Julia Patrick, commends Arjun’s initiative in reaching out and lauds the uniqueness of the American nonprofit structure. She engages in a profound discussion with Arjun about Tleem’s mission, its expansion through chapter structures, and the challenges he faces as both a student and executive director.

Arjun leads us through the evolution of Tleem.org from a local school club to a global movement, emphasizing the importance of providing resources and guidance to aspiring change-makers worldwide. He shares his aspirations for Tleem.org to be a household name, akin to renowned nonprofits, catalyzing transformative education and innovation.

Throughout the conversation, Arjun navigates through the intricacies of nonprofit management, from fundraising strategies to maintaining a work-life balance. He highlights the significance of continuous learning and adaptation, leveraging platforms like YouTube and analysis to refine Tleem.org’s approach.

As the interview draws to a close, the host acknowledges Arjun’s exceptional foresight and determination, expressing confidence in his ability to navigate the challenges ahead. Arjun adds an invitation at the end, inviting viewers to reflect on their own motivations, igniting a sense of purpose and resilience in the nonprofit community.