The transformative potential of strategic fundraising approaches grounded in donor-centricity, digital innovation, and proactive volunteer engagement in 2024. We are led by Katie Gaston, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Bloomerang, and she talks about meeting donors where they are, leveraging technology, and cultivating volunteer support. By embracing these principles, nonprofits can unlock new avenues for growth, sustainability, and mission impact.

As Katie begins, being a storyteller is foundational to effective fundraising. She emphasizes the importance of crafting compelling narratives that resonate with donors’ values and interests. She states, “We have to share the story in a meaningful way…so that it really resonates with what is meaningful to the individual.” This is key for understanding donors on a deeper level and tailoring communications accordingly.

One of the key strategies discussed is the imperative of meeting donors where they are, especially in the realm of digital giving. Katie highlights the potential of digital wallets like PayPal, Venmo, and Apple Pay in facilitating seamless donations. She notes, “By simply turning on things like Apple Pay and Google Pay, you can increase your donation page conversion rate by 8%.” This statistic speaks to the immense impact of integrating user-friendly payment options to enhance donor engagement and conversion.

Continuing, Katie elaborates on the untapped potential of volunteers as donors. Contrary to common apprehensions, she advocates for actively engaging volunteers in fundraising efforts, citing research indicating that 92% of volunteers are likely to donate to the organizations they serve. She says, “Cultivating them and seeing them as potential donors is a massively missed opportunity.” , highlighting the importance of recognizing volunteers not only for their time but also for their potential as valuable supporters and donors.

Katie adds her thoughts on donor research, as an advocate for a culture of continuous learning and adaptation, she recommends regular donor research, both qualitative and quantitative, to stay attuned to shifting donor preferences and behaviors. She urges NPO’s to leverage tools like wealth insights and volunteer management systems, enabling more targeted and effective fundraising strategies.