Nonprofit organizations continue to navigate the evolving landscape of fundraising and storytelling, and we found out how platforms like StoryRaise are poised to revolutionize the way they engage with donors and communities.

We just hosted Josh Kligman and Jeff Rum, the dynamic duo behind, and peeked into the exciting intersection of storytelling and fundraising. With over 20 years of combined experience in marketing and a shared passion for nonprofit work, they’re revolutionizing how organizations communicate their impact.

Josh Kligman, CEO of StoryRaise, introduced the platform as a solution tailored for nonprofits to craft compelling digital reports and campaigns. He emphasized the importance of storytelling and its ability to bridge the gap between donors and organizations, drawing from his extensive background in nonprofit marketing.

Jeff Rum, StoryRaise’s CMO, brought his wealth of experience from running his own agency to the table. His insights underscored the need for unity between marketing and fundraising efforts, stressing the significance of aligning storytelling with donor expectations, stating, “We’re really trying to help organizations save time and money… it’s got to be authentic to who the organization is… use [AI] as a tool rather than as a crutch.”

In this fast –paced chat they discuss nonprofit marketing, shining a light on their recent research findings. Jeff elaborates on the pivotal role of authenticity and transparency in donor engagement, revealing that donors are more likely to support organizations that regularly update them with impactful stories.

Josh echoed this sentiment, re-affirming the value of AI in streamlining storytelling processes for nonprofits. He introduced StoryRaise Campaigns, a cutting-edge tool designed to generate comprehensive social media, email, and direct mail campaigns with minimal effort, allowing organizations to focus on their mission without compromising authenticity.

This conversation showcasesthe innovation driving StoryRaise and points us to the imperative for nonprofits to embrace technology as a catalyst for social impact.