Anne McAuley Lopez, a content expert at, shares valuable insights on creating a content strategy for your nonprofit or charity. The discussion revolves around the importance of identifying categories and target audiences when planning content creation. Anne emphasizes the need for a cohesive plan that covers various platforms such as podcasts, blogs, newsletters, and social media. By focusing on specific audiences and goals, nonprofits can tell their stories effectively without overwhelming themselves or their readers.

Starting with the knowns, which include newsletters, podcasts, and blogs that the organization plans to create, Anne suggests considering different audiences and their interests throughout the year. For example, sharing articles on the health benefits of volunteering can resonate with volunteers on social media. Anne advises being strategic and selecting specific topics for each platform to avoid overwhelming the audience.

The conversation also touches upon the role of team members and volunteers in content creation. Anne recommends engaging individuals with writing skills or an interest in marketing from various departments, including finance. Their unique perspectives can contribute to content creation and make it more diverse. Anne suggests using available resources, such as Evergreen content that can be repurposed and reposted. This approach saves time and ensures consistent engagement with the audience.

To effectively manage content creation, Anne suggests creating a content calendar using spreadsheets or existing platforms like Airtable. The calendar should be organized, color-coded, and adaptable to changes. Anne emphasizes the importance of simplicity and starting small. Even a basic spreadsheet can serve as a useful tool for tracking and managing content.

Hashtags and headlines play a crucial role in increasing visibility and search engine optimization. Anne advises using keywords in headlines and incorporating relevant hashtags to attract more viewers. Tools like ChatGPT and headline analyzers can assist in generating effective headlines and hashtags.