How to find corporate and event sponsorships for nonprofit and charity events and galas. The guest and host elaborate on the misconception that nonprofit’s corporate partnership’s revolve solely around events, pointing out the broader ecosystem encompassing various elements beyond just the event itself. The American Nonprofit Academy CEO, Julia Patrick, begins with, “It’s about all the other things that go on… the nonprofit’s event is one part on the dial, but it’s really an entire ecosystem of your nonprofit, it’s mission and the partnership with the corporations.”

Julia stresses the importance of long-term value and community connectivity for corporate partners, stating, “They want to be associated with a cause or a mission… they want to be perceived more as a community partner and involved with the nonprofit’s success.”, going on to highlight the role of marketing departments in sponsorship decisions and the goal of organizations becoming associated with particular causes that complement them.

Julia further elaborates on strategies for maximizing exposure through media partnerships, emphasizing the value of pre, during, and post-event coverage across print, broadcast, and digital platforms. She notes the growing significance of new media, highlighting the need for nonprofits to drive their online presence and content creation for social media platforms.

The lively conversation shifts to ad includes innovative sponsorship tactics such as stage introductions, where corporate representatives receive FaceTime without the pressure of delivering a formal speech. Julia also touches upon the importance of quantifying nonprofit outreach and impact numbers, as well as expressing gratitude to sponsors in annual reports, reinforcing the ongoing relationship beyond individual events.

This learning episode underscores the holistic nature of corporate partnerships, urging nonprofits to adopt a strategic, long-term approach that transcends event-centric thinking. Through thoughtful stewardship, quantifiable impact, and ongoing communication, nonprofits can cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships with their corporate sponsors.