Exploring a whole new dimension of nonprofit storytelling. The potential of nonprofit organizations writing books. We uncover the transformative power of storytelling through the lens of publishing, with host Julia Patrick and guest, Ben Gioia, author of “Influence With A Heart,”.

Ben’s journey, from facing mortality in India to a galvanized commitment to serve, forms the backdrop of his message. As he shares, “Influence With A Heart is the ongoing invitation to offer someone to say yes to you,” encompassing communication, leadership, and impact.

In this fast-paced learning episode, they highlight the unique challenges and opportunities nonprofits face, especially in a global context where structures vary widely. As Ben puts it, “The nonprofit sector is a remarkable thing, drawing from cultures worldwide, each with its legislative nuances.”

The conversation expands to the nuts and bolts of book creation. Ben shares a process, emphasizing collaboration with a coach and publisher. From concept to publication, he outlines a strategic timeline, pointing to the importance of leveraging the book before and after its release.

Touching on the role of AI in storytelling and it’s potential as a tool for research and organization, Ben warns against using it as a writing substitute, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of authentic human voice in storytelling.

On the economics of book creation, Ben provides his insights into costs and timeframes. He demystifies the process, describing a streamlined approach that can yield a manuscript in as little as 5 to 13 weeks, depending on collaboration and dedication.

The conversation concludes with reflections on the journey of nonprofit storytelling through books, with Julia sharing anecdotes of nonprofits commemorating milestones and evolving narratives.

The wisdom from this interview transcends the mere act of publishing a book; it’s about crafting a narrative that resonates, inspires, and mobilizes communities. From Ben’s guidance, you can unlock the full potential of your nonprofits story!