The topic of nurturing and advancing Superstar talent within nonprofit organizations, featuring Miriam Dicks from 180 Management Group. Miriam describes the challenges and strategies surrounding nonprofit’s talent management, particularly in mission-driven spaces like nonprofits. With a decade of experience, Miriam starts with the importance of recognizing and stewarding hidden gems within organizations, ensuring that talent is retained and supported effectively. She points to the necessity of intentional leadership development, which, unfortunately, tends to be lacking in many nonprofit settings. The conversation highlights the significance of identifying superstars through clear job expectations and performance evaluations, fostering a culture of growth, and championing employees’ professional development. As Miriam aptly says, “When you can identify those characteristics, those qualities that you would see in a person who is successful in your organization, then you can really identify the superstars because those people, the superstars, are going to excel beyond others in those areas, right?” Miriam advocates for regular check-ins to prevent burnout and stresses the need for leaders to model the behavior they wish to see in their teams. Additionally, she discusses the importance of creating upward mobility opportunities and not being afraid to let superstars move on if it aligns with their career growth. Her insights on this fast-paced learning segment offer actionable steps for organizations to create environments where talent thrives!