The Cultivate 2024 conference for nonprofits, from San Diego, proved to be an electrifying and insightful event, showcasing the passion and dedication of professionals in the nonprofit sector. The two-day gathering of nonprofit professionals from around the country, hosted by Fundraising Academy, boasted a packed schedule of sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

The conference, now in its second year, witnessed significant growth and interest. Keynote speaker Jason Champion set the tone with his enthusiastic address, emphasizing the importance of cultivating relationships in the nonprofit world. Attendees found themselves engaged in hands-on workshops, such as those focused on event planning and fundraising strategies, led by industry experts like Jack Alotto and Jared Williams.

Moreover, the conference facilitated meaningful connections, with attendees eager to share experiences and viewpoints. Panel discussions on leadership development, sustainable growth strategies, and trends in technology provided valuable knowledge for professionals at all levels.

What truly set Cultivate apart was its focus on professionalizing fundraising and treating nonprofits as businesses. LaShonda Williams, a trainer at National University, emphasized the importance of equipping fundraisers with the necessary skills and resources to succeed in their careers.

Pearl Hoeglund, the director of Fundraising Academy, highlighted the conference’s mission to provide accessible and immediately applicable strategies for attendees. The intimate setting fostered authentic engagement and encouraged lifelong learning among participants.

Looking ahead to future editions of Cultivate, organizers aim to maintain the event’s intimate atmosphere while accommodating the growing interest from across the country. The focus remains on fostering connections, sharing knowledge, and empowering professionals to drive meaningful impact in their communities.