Alicia Eastvold elaborates on the need for nonprofits to do due diligence when selecting automation tools, including security considerations, and encourages organizations to assess and reassess their automation strategies regularly. The conversation underscores the transformative potential of technology in the nonprofit sector and the importance of adapting to stay efficient and effective in achieving missions. You’ll Learn more as they explore the benefits, such as time and cost savings, and highlighting the importance of staying updated with technology changes.

Throughout the episode, Alicia takes the opportunity to clarify the immediate benefits of nonprofits’ automation: saving time and reducing costs, particularly crucial for nonprofits with limited resources. The conversation explores how automation can bridge the gap between departments like finance and fundraising within nonprofits.

Alicia emphasizes that automation also reduces the mental burden of repetitive tasks. This, in turn, allows nonprofit professionals to focus on strategic decision-making and impactful work rather than getting bogged down in manual processes. She highlights the importance of taking precautions and staying informed about cybersecurity practices to navigate this digital age securely, emphasizing the need for thorough vetting of tools, checking for industry certifications, and seeking advice from experts who have hands-on experience with these tools.

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