This is a Nonprofit Power Week episode with Tony Beall, a senior director at Fundraising Academy, who introduces the concept of Cause Selling Curriculum for nonprofit fundraising. The curriculum consists of eight steps that form a cycle to guide fundraising efforts. This Day 1 episode focuses on Phase One, Step One (prospecting for donors) and Phase One, Step Two (pre-approach and qualifying prospects). The curriculum provides a strategic approach to fundraising, helping fundraisers identify qualified donors and build relationships with them, and this Day 1 episode sets the stage for the week-long exploration of this very effective fund development tool.
Tony begins with explaining that prospecting involves finding qualified donors through data mining both internally and externally. He emphasizes the importance of investing time and resources to create a robust list of potential supporters. The hosts mention the significance of leveraging the existing donor database and recognizing that the next major donor might already be within the organization.

Moving on to the pre-approach phase, Tony highlights the importance of qualifying prospects before meeting with them. He mentions the M.A.D.D.E.N. approach, a qualifying strategy within Cause Selling, which helps fundraisers identify the right individuals to approach. The pre-approach also involves researching and gathering information about the donor, understanding their giving capacity, decision-making authority, alignment with the mission, and ethics.

The hosts discuss the significance of being well-prepared for the approach phase and how it helps fundraisers build relationships rather than just making asks. They dive into the importance of data from public platforms and the organization’s donor database in understanding the prospect‘s involvement and recognition preferences. Tony emphasizes the importance of being prepared for potential questions and offers a list of top 10 questions that donors may ask during the first meeting.

Throughout the discussion, the hosts and Tony express their enthusiasm for the Cause Selling Curriculum and the value it brings to fundraisers, both experienced professionals and those new to the field. The curriculum is available on the Fundraising Academy’s learning portal, offering free access to resources and tools that align with the eight-step cycle.