Ann Fellman, Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomerang, highlights the trends and insights from GivingUSA, a comprehensive report on charitable giving in the United States. Ann highlights the importance of understanding the data in the context of the nonprofit sector and shares some surprising findings, plus ways for organizations to adapt and optimize their fundraising strategies while keeping a realistic perspective on the current economic climate.

One notable trend is the growth of foundations in charitable giving. Foundations now account for 21% of the total giving, a significant increase from 5% in 1980. Ann emphasizes the need for nonprofits to consider the evolving landscape and the transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to Millennials.

Ann also addresses concerns about the decrease in overall giving in 2022. She advises nonprofits not to panic but to use the data as a benchmark and compare their organization’s performance to the broader trends. She suggests recognizing the challenging economic environment and making appeals that acknowledge the impact of current events.

The discussion highlights the resilience of American generosity and the importance of online giving strategies. Ann encourages nonprofits to leverage digital platforms and provide a seamless donor experience. She emphasizes the need for organizations to make their case for support without assuming donors’ ability or willingness to give.

The interview concludes with a mention of the Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) and Bloomerang’s participation in supporting research across the nonprofit sector..