Karrie Wozniak, Chief Marketing Officer, and Kelly Vasquez-Hague, Vice President of Marketing, from OneCause.com, discuss their recently completed research on the importance of understanding donor demographics and their motivations to tailor fundraising strategies effectively. This Show focuses on the 2023 Giving Experience Study, a research project that examines the changing landscape of giving, especially in the context of social donors.

The study, now in its fourth year, was conducted in partnership with Edge Research, a firm based in the Washington, DC area. The research involved a representative sample of 1,100 social donors from various demographic groups, ensuring an accurate representation of the larger population. The study aimed to provide valuable insights for nonprofits on how donors are engaging with events and social donor activities.

Social donors, as defined in the study, are individuals who participate in fundraising events, such as auctions, galas, and peer-based campaigns. They value social interaction and often contribute to causes based on personal connections or requests from friends. The motivations for donor generosity among social donors include ease of giving, a connection to the mission, and trust in the organization’s use of funds.

Trust-building strategies for nonprofits include demonstrating the impact of donations through annual reports, showcasing testimonials, and emphasizing local community activities. The study also highlighted the role of Charity Navigator scores in donor trust, particularly among members of the boomer generation. Demographic differences in donor behaviors were observed, such as a drop in black donors’ participation in social giving and a preference for mission-related and accessible giving options.

As in-person events return, nonprofits need to balance virtual and in-person experiences to cater to different donor preferences. Customization and inclusivity play crucial roles in donor satisfaction, with options like VIP experiences being sought after. Urban donors, who make up a significant portion of the population, have shown increased giving and can be a valuable target for nonprofits.

This eye-opening study stressed the importance of understanding donor demographics and their motivations to tailor fundraising strategies effectively. The speakers encouraged nonprofits to embrace an omnichannel marketing approach, leveraging various communication channels to reach donors and provide a personalized experience.

Overall, the study and interview provide valuable insights into donor behavior, emphasizing the significance of trust, mission alignment, and inclusivity in fostering donor relationships for nonprofits.