Our Co-hosts welcomes guest Laura Bullock, CEO and founder of Hopes Crossing. This episode focuses on leadership in nonprofit organizations and the work of Hopes Crossing in helping women succeed. Laura shares her personal journey and the inspiration behind the organization’s mission.
Laura explains that Hopes Crossing is dedicated to helping women become the best version of themselves. The organization serves women aged 18 and older in the Phoenix area, focusing on emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Laura emphasizes the importance of women’s overall health as the backbone of families and communities.
The conversation delves into the specific challenges faced by incarcerated women and those with connections to the criminal justice system. Laura expresses her passion for understanding the contributing factors that lead women to incarceration and addressing the underlying issues. She highlights the significance of women’s stories and experiences, using them to build connections with supporters and raise awareness.
Laura introduces the concept of “Take 10 and Begin,” which encourages women to take a moment to settle themselves before starting the healing and transformation process. She explains the importance of slowing down and prioritizing self-care in order to be effective in achieving long-term goals.
The discussion also touches on the challenge of engaging individuals who may not fully understand or support the cause of incarcerated women. Laura acknowledges that the topic may not be perceived as “sexy” or appealing but emphasizes the power of connecting people to the women’s stories. By focusing on shared experiences of trauma, abuse, rejection, and abandonment, Laura builds understanding and empathy among potential supporters.
Overall, the episode sheds light on the work of Hopes Crossing in empowering women and providing them with the tools and support they need to rebuild their lives after incarceration. Laura’s emphasis on the power of storytelling and the importance of addressing underlying trauma resonates throughout the conversation. More about Hope’s Crossing.

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