Host Julia Patrick delves into the important topic of protecting staff from burnout with guest Anthony Sartori, the executive director and founder of Evolving Minds, a nonprofit focused on workplace mental health. They explore the signs of burnout and its impact on individuals and organizational culture. Anthony emphasizes the need for long-term burnout prevention strategies and identifies key indicators such as cynicism, fatigue, and the language used in the workplace. He highlights the importance of connection and community in creating a healthy work environment, emphasizing the need to value social relationships and belonging. Anthony shares strategies to shake things up, including practicing gratitude, finding joy, and recognizing the goodness in oneself and others. He emphasizes the need to slow down the pace of work and create space for validation and appreciation. Julia and Anthony discuss the shifting perspectives on mental health in the workplace and the increasing focus on building healthier work environments. They express hope for the future and the potential for positive change in organizational culture.

The conversation underscores the need for nonprofits to address burnout and prioritize the mental health of their staff. By fostering connection, appreciation, and joy, organizations can create healthier work environments and better serve their missions.  More about

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