Our guest co-host for today’s Ask and Answered Show is Hannah Berger CFRE, a seasoned professional in the nonprofit sector. Hannah is not only a trainer at Fundraising Academy, National University, but also the President of the Philanthropy Coach. She brings more than 20 years of experience in the nonprofit field to the table.
In this episode, we discuss a range of topics:
The Value of Designations: Hannah shares her journey and insights about the Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) designation. She talks about how the CFRE designation can be a significant door-opener and a third-party validation of a fundraiser’s expertise. Hannah emphasizes that it’s not just about the designation but the experience and knowledge it represents.
Wealth Screening Tools: We explore the pros and cons of using wealth screening digital tools. Hannah and Jarrett discuss when it’s appropriate to invest in such tools, considering the stage and sophistication of your fundraising efforts. They also stress the importance of personal connections and understanding donors beyond wealth indicators.
Speaking at Community Groups: The hosts address the concern of a nonprofit professional who is leaving their organization after submitting a proposal to speak at a national conference. They highlight the importance of open communication with conference organizers and how one’s expertise and presentation quality matter more than their current job title.
Engaging with Service Clubs: The hosts tackle the dilemma of whether it’s valuable to send leadership to speak at service clubs like Rotary and Kiwanis. They underscore the benefits of networking with civic-minded communities, fostering relationships, and expanding your nonprofit’s reach.
This Ask & Answer episode is packed with practical advice, personal experiences, and insightful perspectives from Hanna Berger and Jarrett Ransom. Tune in and you’ll gain valuable knowledge that can elevate your nonprofit management and fundraising efforts.