Accounting for art and cultural nonprofits. An interview with CPA extraordinaire, Justine Townsend from Your Part-Time Controller, in an episode with a unique blend of financial expertise and creative energy revolving around the nonprofit sector.

Justine’s journey from theatre performance to accounting brings a fresh perspective to the arts community. Discover how her background in performing arts and improv has uniquely shaped her accounting career. She explains how the skills of listening, flexibility, and adaptability gleaned from her acting days have been invaluable in her role as a CPA with

Justine and Julia discuss the untapped revenue streams within arts organizations. It’s not just about selling tickets anymore – they dig into the world of venue rentals, coworking spaces, collaborative partnerships, and even renting out costumes and sets to boost income creatively. Their insights into nurturing annual patron memberships and creating unforgettable artistic experiences for donors are pure gold.

Ever wondered about endowments and investment returns for arts nonprofits? Justine’s wisdom shines through as she explores the benefits of building endowments, from sustainability to achieving “immortality.” She outlines key steps, from legacy gifts to strategic investment, that can help your organization secure its future.
This episode offers insights that resonate with everyone who believes in the transformative power of the arts. Don’t miss it – hit play and join the Show!