A look into Community Foundations, one of the most impactful philanthropic structures in the US. Featuring Jill McElroy, a philanthropic advisor at the Arizona Community Foundation, this discussion reveals the ins and outs of building strong relationships with Community Foundations.

As someone who transitioned from the nonprofit sector, Jill offers unique insights into understanding the Community Foundation landscape. She emphasizes that these foundations are not only funders but essential partners for nonprofits in various capacities. The episode provides a comprehensive overview of how Community Foundations operate within the philanthropic ecosystem, their various types of funds, services offered, and the vital role they play in supporting nonprofits.

Jill and Julia also explore the dynamics of donor-advised funds, nonprofit funds, and fiscal sponsorship provided by Community Foundations. They emphasize the importance of effective communication, transparency, and education for nonprofits seeking to engage with Community Foundations. By sharing real-life anecdotes and practical advice, this conversation aims to demystify the Community Foundation system and empower nonprofits to forge meaningful connections with these impactful institutions.

Discover how Community Foundations can become invaluable allies for nonprofit organizations, offering resources, expertise, and support that contribute to the growth and success of the nonprofit sector. Watch this episode to gain a clearer understanding of Community Foundations and learn how to navigate these relationships to benefit your nonprofit‘s mission.