Insights into the art of nonprofit engagement with corporate sponsors, with expert Lori Zoss Kraska, from Growth Owl. Lori begins this lively learning session by emphasizing the power of brevity, stating, “The power of brevity is being able to make a connection with a corporate decision maker through brevity and just understanding that the goal of that first e-mail is just to have enough interest from the decision maker to get a second conversation to get moving right.” Her words underscored the importance of conciseness and clarity when nonprofits are initiating communication with corporate decision-makers. She stresses that the initial email should not overwhelm with excessive details but rather aim to establish a compelling connection.

Lori debunks the misconception that corporate sponsors expect advertising pitches. Instead, she advocates for a more valuable approach, stating, “I think the biggest scare I hear from folks is they think that they’re going to come in and do an advertising pitch. But again, they really understand that they need to come in and be a thought leader and talk about something of value to the people that are at your gala or at your conference that is going to provide synchronicity for everybody.” Her words highlight the importance of positioning sponsors as thought leaders and contributors of value, rather than mere advertisers.

Throughout the discussion, Lori’s insights amplify on the significance of diligent research, engagement with corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, and the need for specificity in requests. These principles can serve as a roadmap for nonprofits seeking successful partnerships with corporate sponsors, ensuring they stand out amidst the competition for funding and support.