The role of brand building in a nonprofit’s success, with guest expert Eric Ressler. He encourages NPO’s to maintain a clear brand identity, engage with their communities, and strategically use their expertise to drive real-world change and revenue growth. As he aptly put it, “The brand is not something you just do and then it’s done. It requires constant building, curation, and attention.”

Host Jarrett Ransom had the pleasure of speaking with Eric Ressler, the founder and Creative Director of Design by Cosmic, a social impact creative agency. Eric shared valuable insights on the importance of brand building for nonprofits and its impact on achieving real-world action and revenue generation.

Eric highlights the essence of understanding a nonprofit‘s unique niche within the social impact landscape, emphasizing the need to focus on specific strengths and avoid mission creep. He points out that organizations should consider their brand as a dynamic relationship between the community and the organization, not just a logo or visual identity. Eric affirms that building and nurturing this relationship is an ongoing process that requires attention and consistent efforts.

He also addressed the fear some nonprofits have about taking a stance on divisive issues, acknowledging the challenges of navigating politically charged topics, and emphasizing that organizations should engage in issues within their expertise and advocate for what aligns with their mission and values.