A lively Q&A session about: Nonprofit development director strategies, Pro-bono branding for charities, Effective board liaison roles, Donor retention reports, and leveraging NPO board members to raise money, hosted by Jarrett Ransom and joined by Muhi Khwaja, a trainer at Fundraising Academy.

The first question, sent in anonymously from Nashville, TN, concerned the pressure faced by a nonprofit’s Development Director due to board expectations. Jarrett advised setting boundaries between the board and the Development Director and ensuring that the board understands the director’s role and responsibilities. She also suggested aligning the board’s suggestions with the organization’s strategic plan.

Moving on to the second question, the topic shifted to branding. . . . . .how to find an advertising agency or marketing firm willing to work pro bono. Jarrett cautioned that while pro bono work might be available, it’s essential to budget for branding. She recommended looking for community events or co-working spaces that offer pro bono services and emphasized the importance of a well-thought-out branding strategy.

The third question came from a viewer in Dayton, OH, who wanted to know the best person to serve as a board liaison for a nonprofit. Muhi Khwaja joined the discussion at this point and shared that the executive assistant to the CEO or executive director often serves as a board liaison. They help manage board schedules and communication. Alternatively, a third-party person can be hired for this role. Muhi emphasized the importance of board liaisons in improving board coordination.

The conversation then delved into the concept of LYBUNT and SLYBUNT reports. Muhi explained that these reports help identify donors who haven’t given in the current year, making them valuable targets for retention efforts. Jarrett and Muhi discussed the importance of monitoring these reports and leveraging board members to connect with lapsed donors.