Leadership issues in the nonprofit sector. A sparkling discussion portraying the need for leaders to inspire their teams on a deeper and more humane level, with leadership coach, Derek Mulhern. Derek’s insights highlight authentic leadership, transparent communication, and personal growth in the nonprofit sector, with a focus on the evolving dynamics and challenges faced by nonprofit organizations and their leaders.

Derek begins with, “I just see a huge need within the nonprofit space for us to really develop leaders that have the capacity to show up in a way that inspires other people on a deeper level on a more humane level because we’re doing all this humane work right, we’re all trying to create bigger change.”

He also addresses the misconception of creating a “family culture” within nonprofits and how it often leads to caretaking rather than empowering employees. Derek advocates for transparency, communication, and allowing employees to make their own choices and learn from their mistakes.

Another important point he discusses is the evolving expectations of leaders in the nonprofit sector, emphasizing the need for leaders to be empathetic and coach-like. He relates this to the impact of personal life experiences on leadership style and how individuals’ unique backgrounds shape their leadership approaches.

This discussion is sure to spark your thinking on your own leadership style. Learn more at DerekMulhern.com