Enjoy this lively discussion as Dana Scurlock, Director of Recruitment at Staffing Boutique, joins the hosts to explore creative ways to enhance employee retention and satisfaction at nonprofits during the holiday season. They discuss some low-cost holiday ideas that can bring joy and camaraderie to the workplace. The ultimate goal is to create a supportive and engaging work environment that encourages employees to stay committed to their organizations, particularly during the holiday season and beyond.

Dana begins by emphasizing the significance of employee retention, considering the substantial costs and resource investments involved in hiring and training new staff. She suggests that organizations take steps to make their office environments more appealing, starting with some of these simple but effective ideas.

One suggestion is to offer employees extra break time for shopping and holiday preparations. This not only eases their stress but also allows coworkers to bond while planning their holiday activities.

Another idea is to introduce an internal lottery or game, where employees have the chance to win cash prizes during the holiday season. This adds an element of excitement and festivity to the workplace, boosting morale.

Dana also encourages organizations to consider the power of live music during the holiday season. Whether it’s hosting a choir or hiring musicians to perform festive tunes, live music can transform the atmosphere and create a joyful ambiance in the office.

To foster teamwork and participation, Dana proposes organizing a fun cookie exchange and decorating party. Employees can come together to decorate cookies, fostering a sense of togetherness and adding a festive touch to the workplace.

Recognizing and emphasizing the value of personal touch, Dana suggests personalized gift cards with heartfelt notes from board members. This practice helps bridge the gap between board members and staff, making employees feel valued and appreciated.

Lastly, Dana advocates for volunteer activities at other nonprofits as a meaningful way for staff to give back to the community. Such activities not only benefit the community but also strengthen team bonds and provide a sense of purpose to employees.