The importance embracing corporate philanthropy and its potential to drive business success, improve employee engagement and loyalty, is revealed by Randy Molland, the Chief Giving Officer of Give Big Strategies. He highlights how businesses, NGO’s, charities and nonprofits can collaborate to create win-win scenarios.

Molland emphasizes that companies should start incorporating giving to nonprofits and charities into their purpose from the very beginning, as waiting until they are more successful may hinder their ability to develop a giving mindset. He compares giving to building a muscle, where even small gestures of generosity can lead to a stronger commitment to making a positive impact.

This fast-paced interview also explores how businesses can engage their staff in philanthropic efforts with nonprofits. Randy shares a story about a sales company that successfully motivated its employees by connecting sales goals to their charitable giving through their profits. This approach created a sense of purpose and unity among the staff, leading to increased morale and sales.

Randy stresses that it’s not about the mission itself but the passion behind it, explaining that effectively communicating the reasons behind supporting a particular cause can make all the difference in how consumers perceive a brand’s philanthropic efforts.

One key statistic discussed during the interview was how 89% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company with a giving initiative, reflecting the shift in consumer behavior to a growing desire to support businesses that make a positive impact on society.