The current trends in nonprofit auctions, emphasizing the importance of benefit auctioneers in creating successful fundraising events with Bobby D. Ehlert, a benefit auctioneer specialist at,. He describes the three types of auctioneers: free auctioneers, commercial auctioneers, and benefit auctioneers, elaborating on the significance of benefit auctioneers in nonprofit  and charity events, as they understand the unique dynamics of fundraising events and focus on creating memorable experiences for donors.

You’ll appreciate his important point more fully, regarding the difference between commercial auctioneers and fundraising auctioneers . . . . . . . “Fundraising auctioneers understand the process of a fundraising event. They’re not just up there to talk fast. They’re there to help cultivate and identify those relationships with the donors.”

He highlights the shift towards more highly produced events that focus on storytelling and creating impactful experiences for donors. Bobby D. also shares insights into the changing donor landscape, the popularity of unique experiences as auction items, and the growing trend of paddle raise-only events. Join us in this informative discussion as we explore the evolving world of charity auctions and fundraising events.