Topics: Bringing board members to fundraising asks. Touring nonprofit’s facilities. Joint board meetings for NPO’s. Mental health for charity staff.

Nonprofit Show host Jarrett Ransom is joined by Jack Alotto, a CFRE from Fundraising Academy at National University, as they address questions from nonprofit professionals.

They dive right into answering questions from nonprofit professionals:

Raul from Houston seeks advice on whether to bring a board member or a staff person to a presentation to a funder. Jack advises choosing someone based on their connection and relationship-building potential with the prospective donor. He also emphasizes the importance of safety when meeting donors in remote locations.

Shelby from Oklahoma inquires about the idea of touring other nonprofit organizations post-COVID to learn from them and build relationships. Jack and Jarrett both express their support for the idea, highlighting the benefits of collaboration and sharing best practices within the nonprofit sector.

Nyla from Detroit wants to know if having joint board meetings with another nonprofit from the same sector is a good idea and how to go about it. Jack mentions the benefits of learning from each other and collaborating but also warns about potential downsides. They stress the importance of defining the purpose and goals of such meetings.

An anonymous question from Des Moines addresses a staff member’s concern about the mental health of a fellow employee. Jack recommends immediate action, including reaching out to local mental health resources and crisis intervention lines. He also advocates for changing the language surrounding mental health to reduce stigma.

Throughout the conversation, Jack and Jarrett emphasize the importance of empathy, collaboration, and caring for the well-being of nonprofit staff and volunteers. They encourage nonprofit organizations to prioritize mental health support and create a culture of understanding and compassion.