From donor’s worries, nonprofit board service requirements, and fundraisers confidence, to board tech failures, Julia Patrick and guest host Muhi Khwaja CFRE from Fundraising Academy, tackle a range of questions that shed light on unusual issues nonprofits face:

Bridging the Technology Gap: The conversation began with a common dilemma – older board members struggling with meeting technology. Muhi Khwaja suggests a hands-on approach, emphasizing the importance of patiently guiding members through the tech landscape. The key takeaway: making the user experience easier is vital for technology adoption.

Navigating Donor’s Alarming Declaration: The pair offer guidance on handling concerns about donors whose values may not align with the nonprofit’s mission. Their approach involves thanking concerned donors for their input, investigating the issues raised, and making decisions consistent with the organization’s core principles. A very interesting situation. . . .

Expressing Board Service Requirements: The hosts addressed a question about enforcing board service requirements. Their advice emphasizes the need for clear agreements, proactive communication, and the role of board liaisons in tracking and managing these requirements effectively.

Building Confidence in Fundraising: Asked by a viewer about his confidence as a fundraiser, Muhi shares his personal journey. He credited mentors, role models, and a variety of experiences as contributing factors. His key message was the importance of continuous learning and seeking guidance throughout one’s career.