The topic of turning nonprofit volunteers into donors within the nonprofit sector by building meaningful connections with volunteers and using storytelling effectively with James Goalder, Partnerships Manager at Bloomerang.  James begins by highlighting a surprising statistic: volunteers donate 10 times more than those who do not volunteer. He explains this phenomenon by emphasizing that volunteers directly witness the impact of nonprofit organizations in action. Their hands-on involvement creates a strong connection with the organization’s mission, making it easier to transition them into monetary donors. This connection is already established, eliminating the need for extensive persuasion.
The conversation dives into the motivations behind volunteering, highlighting various factors that drive individuals to offer their time and support. James discusses emotional, mental, and physical benefits, as well as the desire to give back to the community and fulfill civic duties. He encourages nonprofits to understand these motivations to better engage and thank volunteers, ultimately encouraging their continued participation.
Jarrett and James explore the concept of segmenting volunteers to tailor engagement strategies more effectively. They suggest categorizing volunteers based on factors such as donation history and capacity to give. By addressing these groups differently, nonprofits can successfully engage both volunteers who have not yet donated and potential major donors.
The importance of storytelling in volunteer and donor engagement is a key focus of the interview. James draws a parallel between the power of well-developed characters in stories and the impact of personal stories within nonprofit contexts. He encourages organizations to incorporate relatable characters and their experiences to enhance connection and engagement.