Host Julia Patrick and birthday celebrant Jack Alotto, CFRE, reunite for another engaging episode of the nonprofit show, tackling pressing questions from the world of nonprofits, touching on donor relations, professional development, board engagement, and organizational culture.
One critical question revolves around donor relationships and social styles. A nonprofit professional from Los Angeles seeks advice on handling a donor where the “vibe” doesn’t seem quite right. Jack emphasizes the importance of recognizing different social styles and tailoring communication accordingly. He points the viewers to with webinars on social styles to enhance flexibility and create meaningful connections with donors.
The conversation then shifts to the value of the Certified Fund-Raising Executive (CFRE) accreditation. Jack passionately advocates for CFRE, highlighting its role in showcasing fundraising knowledge and ethical practices. He shares compelling statistics demonstrating how CFRE enhances professional opportunities, boosts confidence, and promotes recommendation among peers. Jack also provides details into the cost and time investment required to pursue CFRE, making it accessible to those interested in furthering their fundraising careers.
They move on to discuss the concept of setting up a junior or young professionals board within a nonprofit. While acknowledging the potential benefits, they caution against ageism and stress the need for clear goals and benefits for members.
Finally, Judy from Portland seeks advice on convincing leadership to invest in fundraising training for the entire team.
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