Host Jarrett Ransom gets help from LaShonda Williams, CFRE, and trainer at Fundraising Academy. The two provide practical advice for nonprofit professionals who asked questions seeking to improve their organizations’ public image, transparency, and engagement with stakeholders.

The conversation begins with a question about low-cost and easily implementable strategies to improve a nonprofit’s public image. LaShonda suggests highlighting prominent donors and sharing personal interest stories about their contributions. She emphasizes the importance of developing a communication plan, including social media, newsletters, and direct mail. LaShonda also recommends reaching out to local nonprofit associations for sample toolkits and guidance.

Next, there is a question about steps to improve transparency in a nonprofit. LaShonda advises creating an annual impact report, providing donor reports, and updating the website with information on how funds are used. She suggests adhering to local guidelines, seeking feedback from constituents, and involving the board in developing a comprehensive transparency plan.

The discussion then moves to a question about staying updated on state policies related to a nonprofit. LaShonda recommends starting with the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and local AFP chapters to identify state regulations. She suggests cross-checking information with internal audits, seeking guidance from professional auditors specializing in the nonprofit sector, and reaching out to nonprofit alliances for advocacy support.

Lastly, there is a question about the ideal number of impact stats to present to donors. LaShonda advises prioritizing essential data points and presenting them consistently over time. She recommends using simple language and creating infographics to enhance understanding. Jarrett adds that asking donors and stakeholders for their preferences can help refine the data presentation.

Throughout this fast-paced episode, Jarrett and LaShonda emphasize the importance of engaging stakeholders, seeking feedback, and demonstrating accountability to donors. They highlight the value of transparency, effective communication plans, and collaboration with other organizations and alliances in the nonprofit sector.