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Civil Discourse In Divided Communities

Milan Kordestani, the author of a new book called "I’m Just Saying", is interviewed about his fresh views on civil discourse in divided communities-- with the aim of fostering understanding and meaningful conversations beyond preconceived notions. Milan explains that many [...]

Transitioning Affinity Into Philanthropy!

The role of stewardship through affiliation in fostering alumni philanthropy, and the long-term benefits of engaging alumni beyond graduation, with Lashonda Williams, as the Associate Director of Alumni Engagement and Annual Giving at South Texas College of Law Houston. LaShonda [...]

GivingUSA Report Highlights (Giving Trends)

Trends and insights from GivingUSA, a comprehensive report on charitable giving in the United States, from Ann Fellman, Chief Marketing Officer of Bloomerang. Ann highlights the importance of understanding the data in the context of the nonprofit sector and shares [...]

Federal Grant And Application Insights!

Federal grants and the application process for nonprofits, emphasizing the importance of having a compelling story and a clear understanding of why your organization deserves funding, with the leader of government funding at Your Part-Time Controller, Derick Dreher. He highlights [...]

People Of Color And Next Gen Leadership!

People of color and their impact on the next generation of leadership in the nonprofit sector, with Mohan Sivaloganathan, CEO of Our Turn . Mohan's organization focuses on training young people to be effective change makers in order to create [...]

Why Nonprofit’s Strategies Fail (Lost at CEO)

The reasons why nonprofit strategies often fail and flounder. We are joined by Carl J. Cox, author, and CEO of 40Strategy.com. His book,"Lost at CEO", follows the journey of a character named Jack, who is stuck in a difficult situation. [...]

The Power Of A Philanthropy Facilitator!

Claire Axelrad, a leader in the nonprofit sector, discusses the role of a philanthropy facilitator and the importance of shifting the focus from fundraising to philanthropy. She explains that philanthropy, which means "love of humankind," involves leading donors on a [...]

Nonprofit Mergers And Alliances

Expertise on nonprofit mergers and alliances, shedding light on the complexities, opportunities, and insights and adding their experiences which emphasize the importance of collaboration, setting realistic expectations, and engaging skilled facilitators to navigate the process successfully with two nonprofit sector [...]

Fractional Executives For Nonprofits!

The concept of fractional executives and how they can benefit nonprofit organizations. An interview of Cindy Wagman, the President and CEO of TheGoodPartnership.com. She explains that fractional executives are hired at an executive level for a fraction of their time [...]

Creating A Content Strategy For Nonprofits

Anne McAuley Lopez, a content expert at AgencyContentWriter.com, shares valuable insights on creating a content strategy for your nonprofit or charity. The discussion revolves around the importance of identifying categories and target audiences when planning content creation. Anne emphasizes the [...]

Forging Strong Foundation And NPO Relationships!

https://player.vimeo.com/video/829541537 Rachel DeMatteo, a Director at Your Part-Time Controller (YPTC), discusses the importance of forging strong relationships between nonprofit organizations (NPOs) and foundations with effective communication, understanding, and collaboration. YPTC is a company that provides financial services to nonprofits [...]

Engaging Donors Where They Are Now! (Blackbaud Giving)

https://youtu.be/2FCJErThF30 The Blackbaud Giving Fund is a 501(c)(3) sponsor of a donor-advised fund that supports workplace giving and peer-to-peer fundraising. They distribute funds to nonprofits based on donor recommendations. Matt Nash, the Executive Director of the Blackbaud Giving Fund, discusses [...]

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